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Local Website Archive

Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store information from the web on your hard disk. Archived documents are stored in their original file format and can also be opened with associated applications or found by desktop search engines.

Freeware  1,249k 1423 Martin Aignesberger
Local SMTP Server Pro

Local SMTP Server Pro

Local SMTP Server Pro is a SMTP server program that lets you send email messages without help of your ISP, directly from your local PC to recipient mailboxes. You can use your favorite email client along with this software the way you used to do ...

Shareware  17,172k 1723 Pc Safety
Schmap Local

Schmap Local

Schmap Local is a clever little browser plug-in that: Recognizes and saves addresses and phone numbers as you browse the web; integrates with Skype, so you can call any phone number with a single click; Links automatically with Skype, so you can call any saved ...

Freeware  638k 599 Schmap Local Ltd
Notes Local Security

Notes Local Security

Notes files are secured with local security for putting restriction to any unauthorized use. But sometimes removing local security becomes the need of hour. At that time, NSF local security removal tool helps you largely. It is a small effective and fast tool that removes ...

Shareware  1,608k 974 Notes Local Security

NSF Local Security

If you are facing errors while accessing Notes .NSF files due to local security applied, then NSF local security removal helps you in removing the security and hence provides access to the file. Errors “You are not authorized to perform that operation” and “You are ...

Shareware  1,608k 483 NSF Local Security
Reset Local Password Pro

Reset Local Password Pro

Allows you to change passwords for local accounts from a remote computer. No need to go to the remote machine to change local Administrator or other account passwords. Change passwords on a single or multiple computers, simultaneously. A must have utility for any Network or ...

Shareware  5,175k 1136 Keroon Software Corporation
Local SMTP Relay Server

Local SMTP Relay Server

Local SMTP Relay Server is a SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your computer. Along with a mass mailer the program can be used as a relay server for sending newsletters, distributing messages to different mailing lists, sending ...

Shareware  14,044k 1806 getfreefile
Local pinger

Local pinger

Local Pinger is a handy and powerful ping utility for system administrator or webmaster to check network connection. It sends echo requests to the address you specify and creates graphics of the responses received and their round trip time.

Freeware  344k 1142 Michael Kochiashvili

UK Local Directory Screensaver

UK Local business directory with addresses, telephone numbers and street maps. Including accountants, builders, car hire, computer shops, dentists, doctors, driving schools, estate agents, florists, garages, hotels, photographers, jewellers, post offices, printers, pubs solicitors, taxis and used car dealers.

Freeware  696k 692 Localdir
Local Account Manager

Local Account Manager

Local Account Manager is a tool you can use to manage local users and groups. By Default Local Users and Groups MMC (Microsoft Management Console) snap-in available only on the Windows XP Professional operating system. Also you can't access and use User Rights Assignment (a ...

Shareware  398k 951 UNGSoft Developers Group

Local Profile Remover

I discovered the great need for this utility whilst trying to overcome a problem at a network I ran. The problem was, because there are nearly 900 users on this system, each with their own profiles, the local profile that was saved on each machine, ...

Shareware    405 Mellow Marsh Software

Local Lyric Displayer

This is a Local Lyric Displayer for winamp's minibrowser... it is writen by php and uses mysql database to get lyrics and uses disq's winamp plugin...

Freeware  240k 384 lld.sourceforge.net

Local Network Management System

Open Source Local Network Management System for cable Network operators, using PHP and C programming. Design for best security performance and controllling all users on MAC addresses with session ID as to login and logout.

Freeware  36k 522 lnms.sourceforge.net

Local Projects Database

The Local Projects Database (LPD) is a web-based tool for managing records on development assistance activities financed and/or implemented by development partners. This java based application, allows inserting, maintaining and exchanging activity da

Freeware  8,700k 615 lpd.googlecode.com

Local Content Cache

The Local Content Cache Project will create a system of local content caching in which a content provider can notify a Local Content Cache of new (or updated or deleted) content, to be used by Content Users such as search engines and intelligent agents.

Freeware  727k 666 lococa.sourceforge.net

Local Exchange

Local Exchange is a web-based local currency system. Local currency systems, such as LETS or Time Dollars, are designed to foster goods and service exchange on a community level.For more information about local currency see www.4thcornerexchange.com

Freeware  219k 366 local-exchange.sourceforge.net

Local Ink by Downhill Battle Labs

Local Ink by Downhill Battle Labs. Making democracy easy, like it was meant to be. Enter your zip code, write a letter, and send it to the op-ed pages of newspapers in your area, and/or your representatives in Congress.

Freeware  27k 461 localink.sourceforge.net

Translate local OSM to shapefile

Translate local OpenStreetMap files to shapefiles#Atencion: ver documentacion para ejecutar#Ultima version 101 OpenStreetMapOSMshapefileSHPtranslatetranslatortransformarfile

Freeware  216k 591 localosmtoshp.sourceforge.net

WildFire Local File Manager

So, what is this?WildFire is Local File Manager (Program itself is made for that), andIt can show you info about your Hard-disc, files etc.Many people use WildFire just because its free. Share is love! (And now even open-source)

Freeware  8,332k 430 wildfirelfm.sourceforge.net

Zope Local File System

The Local File System project is an add-in product for the Zope web application server. It allows users to access the contents of the file system on a Zope server as if they were contained in the Zope Object Database.

Freeware  46k 521 localfs.sourceforge.net

a storage solution for local java app

Syncstore is a synchronizeable local storage engine which is based on HSQLDB for local java application.It supply the REQUEST Transaction and READ COMMITTED isolate level abilities.And also supply a simple ORMAP framework.

Freeware  979k 378 syncstore.sourceforge.net

Deliver: Flexible Delivery of Local Mail

Deliver is a local mail delivery program. It makes a fine adjunct to your mail transport of choice (sendmail, qmail, exim, etc.).

Freeware  79k 256 deliver.sourceforge.net

Local Cooling

An easy-to-use interface allows users to change their default power settings, meaning savings on electricity bills for the users, and a reduction in the amount of Greenhouse Gas that results from powering a computer. You will be able to see your savings in real-time translated ...

Freeware  24k 427 localcooling com

newObjects Active Local Pages

ALP exposes typical WEB programming interface (ASP, CGI etc.) but is not a WEB server. The programs for ALP run as desktop applications without need of WEB server or even network. It combines the desktop and WEB programming techniques in one.ALP ships with installer you ...

Shareware  4,880k 981 newObjects

MP3Detective - Local MP3 search engine, list maker and tag editor

A powerful program to search all your music folders or drives for MP3 songs with specified text within their names. Simply click the result's names to play any or all of the results on your default jukebox. The MP3Detective List Maker function enables you to ...

Shareware  901k 730 Chequers Software

Local VPN Proxy

The port of VPN client cannot be changed under some kind of O.S (such as Win2000, WinXP). By using this proxy, you can specifie a VNP port. It uses the virtual ethernet driver of OpenVPN. For more, please visit www.simpleteam.com

Freeware  208k 481 ethernetnetwork.sourceforge.net

BCSFileList List Local Files

Arch Brooks, Software Engineer This Delphi 2010 component returns a list of file specifications based on user input. https://bcsjava.com/blg/bcs/article.php?story=20100805093539112 Delphi 2010Component Reusable Code

Freeware  17k 315 bcsfilelist.sourceforge.net

BCSSelDir Select Local Directory

Arch Brooks, Software Engineer This Delphi component allows the end user to select a directory for subsequent use. https://bcsjava.com/blg/bcs/article.php?story=20100805083621842 Delphi 2010 SupportedComponent ArchatectureReusable Source Code

Freeware  18k 233 bcsseldir.sourceforge.net

GS Local

Bookmarklet and Firefox extension to enhance search results in Google Scholar, by adding links to an institutional proxy server and OpenURL resolver.

Freeware  62k 343 gslocal.sourceforge.net


Secure exchange of messages in a local network Intranet (Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP). The mail (or Email) can be written or read from any PC easily. Every mail-account can be protected by a password. The personal messages are always strongly encrypted (with ...

Shareware  2,918k 1512 John le Welsch
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